Supporting us financially.

Grapefruit Music runs fully on the support of its well wishers and friends. Donations are glady welcome. 

There are a variety of ways you could support us financially. 
At the bottom of this page are four main areas for which we accept financial support for our work. 

To know more details, get in touch with us through the “Say Hullo” section, under the “Contact” menu.  We value getting to know  our well-wishers and donours . If you prefer to make an anonymous donation, you can always indicate as such in your correspondence with us.
*Quarterly account sheets are  available upon request.

Therepeutic Instruments 

Add to Grapefruit Music’s list of instruments, which help us empower individuals  and communities through the use of Music and Sound.

Hint – We love LARGE percussion instruments!


Staff salaries, Rent, Volunteer Programs, and Continuing Education for staff are some ways you can help out, under this heading.


Be a part of children in Matli having access to creative and fun ways of learning

Support an Individual Client or an Entire Community.

From helping a child with Cerebral Palsy have a better opportunity to move around and be a part of the community, to helping us paint small village schools with child friendly themes, there are lots of opportunities for you to take part!