Boomwhacker Jamming

Boomwhacker Jamming

In case you’ve not heard of them, Boomwhackers are these  whacky plastic tubes, tuned to a musical note, with each note a designated colour. I didn’t work much with them for the first few years of my work, I just happened to have quite a lot of them. Over the last two years, I’ve used them to teach music, jam with neighbors and as of late, very popular with my AirBnb guests. They are extremely universal, and require little to zero musical skill – a willignes to whack is pretty much all you need to get going with them!

Boomwhackers in Raithal Village

A snippet from my first ever experience with Boomwhackers, supported beautifully on the Djembe with ,my friend Alish with an upbeat, snazzy groove.
(May 2016)

Snippets from a jam with Bnb Guests and neighbors
(September 2020)

More jamming with Bnb guests and neighbors
(August 2020)