Creative Art Therapies and Community Health Autumn Internship

Creative Art Therapies


Community Health Autumn Internship

The project is the coming together of creative art therapists, medical practitioners, and artists, as a way of creating awareness around therapeutic processes and community health in the Uttarkashi district of India. The gradually developing region has over the last few years seen a marginal increase in healthcare facilities, but access to institutionalized therapeutic health services are still unavailable. The collaboration looks to build on the work of Stephen Philip, a music therapist who has been working among local communities here since 2015. While raising awareness is the main thrust of the project, we recognize that this requires combining long term planning with sustainable small steps. For this reason, we have included a complementary thrust to raising awareness, the training of therapists by way of an immersive, internship styled, 9 week exposure within select communities that Stephen has been working with.

While introducing therapeutic health processes within the region is an entry into unchartered territory, the creative arts therapies and therapeutic work by themselves don’t fall into a one size fits all box. The application of these will, and ought to look different in different areas and cultures around the world. Guided by Stephen’s familiarity with the context, we hope to identify and implement sustainable practices that will bridge the gap between the local cultures’ way of life and contextualised applications of therapeutic procedures.

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