Getting to Matli

Getting to Matli

Assuming you’re at New Delhi’s Indira Ghandi Airport, there are several ways to get to Matli. Below are three possible options, numbered on a scale of comfort to inconvenience and adventure, ONE being most comfortable, and THREE being most adventurous (and inconvenient).

1. Flight to Dehradun – Taxi to Matli

Book a 35-45m connecting flight to Dehradun (Jolly Grant Airport). From the airport ask for a taxi to Matli, Uttarkashi (INR 3500/-). Shared taxi options might be available, depending on negotiating skills. Depending on the time of day, it can take between 6-9 hours to reach Matli.

The best time to travel to Matli is early morning, as you can avoid traffic in Dehradun, and enjoy incredibly scenic mountain ranges, with plenty of road side options for breakfast along the way.

2. Bus to Dehradun – Taxi to Matli 

This initial stage, can seem like mayhem, but with a bit of determination, can easily be achieved. After collecting luggage from the airport, use the Airport Metro, for a 30 min ride costing about INR 60/- to Kashmere Gate ISBT (Inter State Bus Terminal) from where you can take a bus to Dehradun. 
a. Take Airport line towards New Delhi Railway Station (ORANGE LINE)
b. Change metro at New Delhi, and take the metro towards Samypuri Badli (YELLOW LINE)
c. Get down at the Kashmere Gate Metro Station. ISBT is visible from the metro station.
d. Catch a bus to Dehradun’s ISBT (INR 400-800  depending on level of comfort, 6-8 hours). Luxury Vovlo Bus rides are available at select times of the day.

Upon reaching Dehradun’s ISBT, ask for a taxi to Matli Uttarkashi (INR 3000/-). Shared taxi options are more readily available from the ISBT, as compared to the airport.

3. Bus to Dehradun – Bus to Matli

Bus ride to Matli, recommended ONLY for the brave and foolish. Allergy to being surrounded by vomiting people wont count in one’s favour.
Repeat above initial stage to reach Dehradun’s ISBT from New Delhi’s Kashmere Gate ISBT.
Upon reaching Dehradun, take an auto-rickshaw to Ashley Hall (INR 150-250, negotiation skills, colour of skin, and accent, could determine rate of success or lack of) which in Dehradun is known as a “Vikram” – don’t ask why! Once at Ashley hall, ask to be dropped off at the Uttarkashi bus boarding point.The bus ride through the mountains takes about 8 hours, and costs approximately INR 200-250. Once in the bus – hold tight!

Uttarakhand, boredered by Tibet to the North, and Nepal to the east, with the district of Uttarkashi on the Indo-Tibetan border.

Potential early morning views on the way towards Matli

Misty morning view from above Chiniyali Saur, 50 km away from Matli

View from Dunda, 8kms away from Matli