Why Grapefruit?

Grapefruit has nothing philosophical or metaphorical about it, in terms of us using this as a label for our work. There are no hidden meanings or codes to deciper…. sorry.com!  

Called “Jambola” in Sri Lanka, it brings back childhood memories of on-the-go snacks enjoyed at random and unplanned times of a given day, a yummy treat  for famished children finding a way around the limitation to the number of sweets allowed on a day. A kin to the manner in which we South-Asians enjoy mixing salt, pepper, and ‘miris’ with a variety of cut fruit, a grapefruit can be opened up and enjoyed by adding corpious amounts of sugar to it. Give it a try the next time you spot one! 

The seed for ‘Grapefruit’ as a label however,  began more than 10 years ago, somewhere around 2008, a by-product of my friendship with Jeremy Raymond, a warm, quirky, witty to the point of wicked, and fantastically creative human being. Whether it be throwing in a dash of toothpaste to accent the taste of a salad, mixing sand with paint to give walls an earthy feel, teaching me how our bodies entrain to music, or conjuring up beautiful creations out of papier mache, hanging out with Jeri, was always a ride.  

Even though no more, Jeri embodied much of what it meant to be human; frail, imperfect, and often largely “unsuccessful” in the common misconception of the word, Jeri was very much the seeker  with a love for life and adventure.   
Grapefruit Music hopes to capture this spirit of Jeri’s, and hopefully infect a few people along the way as well.

Jeremy at Initium Road, Dehiwala

One of many entertaining moments down Initium Road, Dehiwala, Jeri being “served” tea by Warren.

What we do

We use music and the arts therepeutically and educationally, to cultivate and nurture happiness .


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